SharkNinja and Alpaytac PR: Nominated for Holmes Report’s 2016 North American SABRE award

SharkNinja and Alpaytac PR: Nominated for Holmes Report’s 2016 North American SABRE award

SharkNinja and Alpaytac PR: Nominated for Holmes Report’s 2016 North American SABRE award

Alpaytac PR received a number of placements for the SharkNinja Ninja Coffee Bar

Why are we a finalist? First, it helps to have a REALLY GREAT PRODUCT to work with, and like many of SharkNinja’s products, the Ninja Coffee Bar is exceptional. If you don’t own one, you should. In fact, a lot of people who learned of the new product – Ninja’s very first foray into the coffee category – bought one rather quickly. How quickly you ask? We launched the product in September 2015, and by the second week of December, Ninja Coffee Bar turned into one of the most coveted coffee makers in the industry, getting 5 star ratings, while flying off the shelves.  Wow! While no single agency can ever take full credit for a business result like that, especially because we were part of an integrated team, alongside the brilliant marketing and social media team members at SharkNinja—all rowing in the same direction, our public relations and social media results were significant and sustained throughout that timeframe, with some notably amazing hits.

Here’s some language pulled directly from the application, to give a sense of the scale of our results:

In only seven months, Alpaytac’s product launch strategy, coupled with persistent media follow up, was rewarded with a consistent flow of coverage. Alpaytac was able to secure 160 placements garnering 265,769,235+ impressions for the Ninja Coffee Bar. Result highlights include major placements in top-tier media such as full page coverage (including a photo) in Dr. Oz The Good Life, The Price is Right, The Real, Muscle & Fitness, Rachael Ray Show, Woman’s World, and CNET, among many others. Through Alpaytac’s strong blogger network, the team secured 112 blogger placements receiving over 8,559,240 impressions. The expansive media coverage achieved resulted in increased traffic to the Ninja Coffee Bar website and social media channels, with many visits resulting in sales and continued market share gain.

Alpaytac also played a key role in the launch and growth of the Ninja Coffee Bar’s new social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through the ideation stage working hand in hand with the SharkNinja social/digital team with the implementation of strategic contests, key community engagement, and integration to showcase top blogger and media placements. In five months, the Ninja Coffee Bar’s combined social media following has reached nearly 200,000 fans, and continues to grow rapidly.

So, if you’re looking for an agency that can do this caliber of work, and achieve this level of success, you’ve come to the right place!

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