Repositioning the Shark Sweeper


Re-launch the Shark Sweeper product line.


After two years on the market, the limited media coverage of the Sweeper line was portraying the products as “the modern version of an electric broom.” This depiction was not benefiting sales.


We repositioned the Shark Sweeper to focus not only on its unique qualities, but more importantly on the value of the product in the context of consumers’ floor cleaning routines. We did this by developing the brand promise that “the Sweeper picks up what vacuums can’t.”


The product line was successfully re-launched using Alpaytac’s new positioning. Our pitching efforts immediately led to high profile media placements, and in the process, we helped our client create a new category in the cleaning industry.

We secured placements in top print and broadcast media including Good Morning America, The New York Times, Better Homes and Gardens, Parenting, The San Francisco Chronicle and many more. The initial round of coverage yielded over 150 million impressions for the Shark Sweeper line, but more importantly, our client saw an immediate jump in sales. The improved sales contributed to the fast growth of Euro-Pro (now Shark Ninja), which is now one of the leading companies in the U.S. housewares industry.


Huma’s drive, dedication to her clients and her strive to settle for nothing but the outstanding was the reason why SharkNinja became her founding client. It is also the reason why, 8 years later, as one of the leading companies in the Housewares Industry, we are still thrilled to be working with her.

Mark Barrocas, President - SharkNinja