Kristy Finch was named the “Media Relations Professional of Year” by PR News in 2011 as a result of the amazing results achieved overseeing Alpaytac’s outreach to broadcast media outlets on a local and national basis. Her areas of expertise include television media coordination for consumer products, children’s toys, housewares, and luxury items. Kristy has successfully booked clients/products on a wide variety of nationally and locally broadcast television news/variety shows.

Prior to her time with Alpaytac, Kristy was a Segment Producer at FOX TV in Chicago for 14 years on “Good Day Chicago,” “FOX News in the Morning,” and “FOX Thing in the Morning.”

Core responsibilities included booking topical news guests to fill five hours of morning television, pitching story ideas, pre-interviewing each guest over the phone, writing anchor lead-in’s, teases and headlines for each segment, gathering research for each guest and news topic, writing suggested questions for each guest, preparing graphics for all segments, preparing live remotes, setting up satellite interviews and keeping a good working relationship with all guests who appeared on the show.

Frequent guests included politicians, financial experts, political analysts, legal experts, CEO’s from public and private companies, chefs, personal trainers, professional athletes, musicians, actors, authors, professors, victims, criminals and news makers.


DePaul University
Chicago, IL